Ghost chillies trail blazing into the UK Food Industry

The Ghost chili AKA Bhut Jolokia was the first chili to be measured at over 1 million Scoville.

The past year has seen a host of Ghost chilli based delicacies hitting the UK supermarket shelves. With Tesco briefly stocking the Ghost pepper in 2016 this super chilli has gained popularity in other areas. Bhut Jolokia based chili sauces have hit the shelves in ASDA, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

This year ANMOL UK has expanded their line of Ghost Chilli Products to include Smoked Whole Chilli Pods. They expect the market for chilies to grow in the next few years and for sales to follow.

Since Master Chef Winner and Wahaca founder Thomasing Meirs launched her new book, Chilli Notes these hot delicacies are no longer just the realm of “chilli heads”. It looks like chilies are growing in popularity and they are here to stay. ANMOL UK have been importing these ghost chillies into the UK for some time now. We caught up with them to see where their chillies are being used.

“The ghost chili is being used in everything from sauces, rubs and snacks. The latest trend seems to be chilli chocolate. Our ghost chilli has a distinctive fruity aroma and after taste so quite a few chefs have been experimenting with that.”

Our range of chilli products:

Bhut Jolokia Dried Whole Pods
Bhut Jolokia Dried Chili Flakes
Bhut Jolokia Dried Powder
Bhut Jolokia Smoked Whole Pods

About Anmol QF:

Anmol are a British company supplying dehydrated vegetables, spices and speciality chillies at unbeatable prices. Our direct supply, manufacturing and packaging chain within India means we guarantee consistent premium quality products; superior in taste, aroma and colour. We work with you to individually tailor our products and ensure reliable year-round supply.

To learn more about our range of chilies please contact:

Ravi Lakhani E: T: 07568225772

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