Dehydrated Onion

  • White Onion Flakes/Kibbled
  • Onion Granules/White/Red/Pink
  • White Onion Powder

White Onion Flakes/Kibbled

We offer dehydrated white onion flakes, which are used in various food preparations such as dry soups, sauces, vegetable mixes and fast foods. Our dehydrated onion flakes have the same flavor and taste as freshly cut onions.

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Onion Granules/White/Red/Pink

We manufacture White Onions in granule form. The granules are available in various sizes. They are essentially a free-flowing powder packed in moisture-free packets for longer shelf life. These are specifically used in restaurants and hotels as they lend their delectable taste to dishes and gravies.

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White Onion Powder

Our dehydrated white onion is also available in powder form of various sizes. This powdered dehydrated onion is used on preparation of soups, sauces, food preparations, spiced vegetables, stuffing mixes and fast foods.

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